UBBS Pouches initiated their e-commerce venture in mid-November 2022, focusing on selling nicotine pouches in various flavours and strengths. Recognising the importance of efficient order fulfilment, they opted to establish a partnership with a fulfilment expert rather than managing it in-house. After thorough research, Burnside emerged as the chosen fulfilment partner. However, being a new entrant in the marketplace, UBBS faced the challenge of limited data on customer preferences regarding flavours and strengths of nicotine pouches.

To address this challenge, UBBS devised a strategic approach to capture customer feedback and identify the most preferred products. They launched a three-month “freebie” campaign, offering new users a 100% discount code upon entering their online store. This campaign resulted in a significant influx of orders, with hundreds of orders processed daily.

Recognising the increased demand, Burnside, an already bustling fulfilment centre, set up a dedicated processing area to handle the surge in order volumes efficiently. However, the challenge intensified as they had to process new stock from UBBS and dispatch the entire restock to customers on the same day due to the high demand.


The primary challenge faced by Burnside was the rapid influx of orders resulting from UBBS’s successful “freebie” campaign. With the high volume of orders and the need to swiftly process new stock arrivals, Burnside encountered logistical challenges in maintaining their usual efficiency. The demand for quick turnaround times put a strain on their operational capacity, requiring a strategic solution to ensure timely order fulfillment.


To overcome the challenge, Burnside implemented a dedicated processing area specifically for UBBS’s high-volume orders. This specialised setup allowed them to streamline their operations, ensuring that all incoming orders were processed efficiently. Despite the tight schedule of receiving and dispatching stock on the same day, the fulfilment centre adapted by optimising its processes and resources to meet the heightened demand.


Upon the conclusion of the three-month campaign, UBBS gained valuable customer feedback and a substantial amount of data. This feedback became a foundation for refining their product offerings and expanding their range based on high customer demand. The successful collaboration between UBBS and Burnside during the campaign not only ensured efficient order fulfilment but also set the stage for UBBS to make informed business decisions and grow its product variety in response to customer preferences. The outcome was a strengthened brand position and a data-driven approach to meet the evolving needs of their customer base.