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Ecosyl is one of the country’s leading suppliers of dairy hygiene products. The business is based in Stokesley, in North Yorkshire, and supplies farmers and agricultural product wholesalers across the UK.

Ecosyl manufactures specific products under its Rosebeck Services trading arm, including Parlour Gold Foam, which is used to clean down dairy parlours and Digit Gold, which is helps to prevent hoof infections.



Parlour Gold Foam and Digit Gold are classified as hazardous products for carriage under the EU and UK regulations and must only be transported by a licensed transport provider. Ecosyl needs to be confident its products are delivered safely and legally to customers across the country.

Often these products are sold in 20 litre drums and must be handled by a specialist licensed haulier. In addition, farmers don’t want to purchase large quantities preferring instead to buy a couple of drums at a time.



As ISO quality standard founder members of the Hazchem Network, Burnside Distribution is the first choice for Ecosyl. The business has all the relevant licences and qualifications to ensure Ecosyl’s products reach end users safely and within the law.

Nicholson’s ability to handle small quantities of product means that Ecosyl can also fulfil its orders as and when required.



Without Nicholson’s Hazchem service, Ecosyl would not be able to market its Rosebeck Services products to farmers. The fact that Nicholson’s can handle relatively small quantities cost-effectively means Ecosyl does not have to wait until it has a bulk order; instead it can use Nicholson’s as and when it requires a delivery.

David Pickard, regulatory affairs manager for Ecosyl, said:

“The transport of hazardous materials is such a specialised area and the regulations are so complex, you need expert knowledge to comply so we rely on Nicholson’s to help us meet our legal responsibilities.

“We are very confident that they do their utmost to ensure that our goods are being transported within the law.”

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