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Hawkes Fire

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Hawkes Fire is a Stockton-based company which specialises in mobile and fixed fire protection solutions for flammable liquids and serves high risk industries and markets such as refineries, chemical processing, fuel storage facilities, power generation, pharmaceutical production, airports, docks and jetties.

It also specialises in providing support to the emergency services during major industrial incidents such as the Buncefield fire in 2005.



Because of the products and equipment it deals with, which are often worth in excess of £500,000, Hawkes Fire required the services of a specialist company to ensure transportation to and from site, and to the many events it exhibits at nationwide, is carried out safely, efficiently and with compliance to all legal regulations.



Nicholson’s Hiab has built up a reputation as one of the industry’s leading providers of Hiab crane lifting machinery so was the first choice for Hawkes Fire, who had previously worked with the Billingham company in other areas of transport and logistics.



Hawkes Fire appointed Nicholson’s Hiab to manage the transfer of its heavy equipment after being let down by the company it previously worked with.

Nicholson’s expertise ensures that Hawkes’ products, including hoses and pumps, are taken where they need to be quickly and precisely which is an important factor if multiple journeys are required in a short space of time.

Ashley Walton, Service Manager at Hawkes Fire, said:

“Nicholson’s Hiab gives us the peace of mind of knowing that our equipment and products arrive with our clients or at exhibitions promptly and safely.”

“Because of the nature of our work and the sites we deliver to, including many petrochemical plants, it is important that we partner with a company we trust and is respected within the industry. Nicholson’s have never let us down and we know that our equipment is in safe hands.”

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