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Healthy Thirst Drinks

Visit: healthythirstdrinks.com



Healthy Thirst Drinks produces a range of premium-brand soft drinks with flavours including Elderflower, Cranberry and Hibiscus, Orchard Cola and Pink Ginger. All are gently carbonated, are totally free from additives or preservatives and made with grape or apple juices, instead of sugar, giving a light sweetness and depth of flavour most unusual in a soft drink.

The drinks are distributed via wholesalers to a range of retailers including Tesco and Booth’s supermarkets, as well as fine food stores, farm shops and delicatessens.



Although Healthy Thirst Drinks is based in North Yorkshire, its products are manufactured in Sunderland. To maintain an efficient supply chain and to ensure the drinks reach wholesalers at peak times, the business needs to store products before they reach retailers and customers.

Insufficient facilities at the manufacturing plant, means Healthy Thirst Drinks has had to find an alternative storage and distribution base for its drinks.



Burnside Distribution has been able to provide a total logistics solution for Healthy Thirst Drinks via its pick, pack and delivery service.

With 55,000 square foot of warehousing space, six on/off loading bays suitable for conventional and container traffic, a fully computerised stock control system and 24 hour security including CCTV offers, Nicholson’s has provided the perfect solution.

Via the pick, pack and delivery service, Healthy Thirst Drinks can manage its other business interests safe in the knowledge that Nicholson’s is taking care of the handling and despatch of the products. It also means Healthy Thirst Drinks can keep a close eye on stock levels, topping on product when required.



Healthy Thirst Drinks stores as much as 100 pallets of its products at the Nicholson’s warehouse at any one time. It’s a relationship that has lasted more than a decade, based on trust and excellent customer service.

Thanks to Nicholson’s membership of the Pallet Network, the business can be confident in knowing its premium-brand drinks are reaching customers across the country, whenever and wherever there is demand.


“We have been using Burnside Distribution since the business was founded 10 years ago. The service levels have always been great and we have a good relationship with Nicholson’s.

“But it’s more than just a storage and despatch service. Using Nicholson’s means we can manage stock levels remotely and be confident that our products are reaching retailers on time and in full.

“Having the storage warehouse in Billingham is ideal for us because it’s close to our manufacturing unit in Sunderland. That means we can always have products packed up and ready to be delivered quickly and efficiently.”

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