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Low Cost Bathrooms


Low Cost Bathrooms is an online e-shop which supplies bathroom suites and furniture to customers and retailers across Europe. The business, which is based on Teesside, has grown significantly since being launched in 2013.



As a new business, Low Cost Bathrooms was initially able to cope with demand. But rapid growth meant it quickly ran out of space to store the toilets, baths, basins and cabinets ordered by customers.

To maintain an efficient supply chain and to ensure products reach customers quickly, the business needed to both store its products safely and implement an effective logistics solution which shipped products quickly and monitored stock levels.



Burnside Distribution was able to provide sufficient warehousing space and provide a logistics solution via its pick, pack and delivery service.

With 55,000 square foot of warehousing space, six on/off loading bays suitable for conventional and container traffic, a fully computerised stock control system and 24 hour security including CCTV offers, Nicholson’s has provided the perfect solution. The pick and pack service has been used by everyone from e-Bay sellers to crisp and soft drinks manufacturers.



Burnside Distribution has provided a secure warehousing facility alongside a service which ensures orders are processed and shipped in a matter of minutes.

Low Cost Bathrooms can now manage its other business interests safe in the knowledge that Nicholson’s is taking care of the handling and despatch of the products. It also means Low Cost Bathrooms can keep a close eye on stock levels, topping on products when required.

The business has continued to grow and increase its warehousing capacity at Burnside Distribution.


“The website grew so quickly that I soon ran out of space. But I knew Nicholson’s had warehousing facilities and using their storage space has been a real boost to my own business because it means I can concentrate solely on growing the website, without worrying about packing orders and deliveries. It’s all taken care of by their warehouse team.

“Nicholson’s provides a weekly report on stock levels which is invaluable information for me as to takes away a lot of hassle, particularly when I am trying to grow my business and establish it as a market leader.”

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