The Qualis Collection is a distinguished luxury homeware company that has garnered a reputation for offering exquisite and opulent products at exceptionally fair prices. With a commitment to providing customers with a touch of luxury that doesn’t break the bank, The Qualis Collection has become a sought-after name in the world of high-end home decor and furnishings.

Founded with a passion for enhancing living spaces and an unwavering dedication to quality, The Qualis Collection’s journey began with a vision of making luxury accessible to a broader audience. The company’s inception can be traced back to 2020.


As The Qualis Collection experienced rapid growth, it encountered a series of formidable challenges that tested the company’s ability to scale efficiently. At the forefront of these challenges was the sheer pace at which the business expanded. With a surge in demand for their luxury homeware products, it became increasingly challenging to manage every aspect of the operation effectively. The strain on the fulfilment process was particularly daunting, as orders were pouring in at an unprecedented rate, and ensuring that each order was accurately picked, packed, and shipped to customers became a logistical nightmare.

However, the company recognised that these growing pains needed to be addressed, and a crucial turning point came with the decision to invest in a more streamlined and effective fulfilment system. This strategic move not only relieved the team from the burden of order processing but also allowed The Qualis Collection to redirect their focus towards strategic business expansion and innovation, ultimately propelling the company forward without the constant worry of managing the order fulfilment process.


The solution to The Qualis Collection’s rapid growth challenges came in the form of a strategic shift towards a more efficient and customer-centric approach. By transitioning to a fulfilment centre at Burnside, the company achieved a significant breakthrough. Since this move, an impressive 100% of their orders are dispatched on time, a remarkable improvement that has not only bolstered operational efficiency but has also had a profound impact on customer service and satisfaction.


With orders consistently delivered punctually, customers can now rely on a seamless and dependable shopping experience, resulting in heightened satisfaction and loyalty. This improved efficiency has allowed the company to devote more time and resources to enhancing their product range, innovating, and focusing on customer engagement, ensuring that The Qualis Collection continues to thrive and maintain its reputation as a leader in the luxury homeware industry.