Why choose our returns management service?

Initially, we prevent unnecessary returns caused by incorrect or damaged items with our precise order fulfilment service. Subsequently, we streamline the process for customers to initiate and monitor returns online. Finally, we swiftly receive and handle returns, facilitating prompt refunds to customers and rapid restocking of products.

Eliminate incorrect items

As reported by Chain Store Age, 23% of eCommerce returns are due to incorrect items and 20% from damaged products. At Burnside, we reduce these incidents with a precise pick and pack process, using weight, visual, barcode, and address checks to achieve 99.9% accuracy. Our trained team meticulously packages orders to minimise damages. Our adaptable warehousing and distribution solutions include thorough quality checks on returns, detailed returns data analysis to prevent recurring issues, and efficient performance monitoring, ensuring your items are ready for resale and your business runs smoothly.